Industrial & material handling

Power your fleet—and your business—24/7 with the fastest, safest, and easiest-to-use wireless chargers.


Save your team time


Power you can depend on


400 A wireless charger in the world for automatic, fast-charging of fleets


Uptime for your fleet with no unplanned downtime


Smaller onboard batteries, when desired


Up to 10" air gap between transmit base station and on-vehicle receiver



Misalignment allowance to make parking a breeze


Lower cost vs. other wireless chargers; costs on par with wired

The warehouse of the future

is wireless

So text mobile

No battery swapping or plugging in, 24/7 uptime for your electric vehicles, and happy operators mean lower costs and higher margins.

A wireless charging experience that’s so simple, speedy, and reliable, your operators and customers will thank you.

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a man driving a forklift in a warehouse

The best wireless charging for every power need


Safer, more sustainable operations

Wireless power creates a safer, more sustainable operating environment for industrial electric vehicles by eliminating manual recharging and battery swapping. Reduce costs, prevent errors, and increase throughput.

Faster, more efficient

Resonant Link’s wireless power system shatters the barriers of conventional wireless power to deliver on size, power, and price—in one charger.

Power everywhere
you need it

Our technology works with a variety of industrial vehicles so you can quickly, safely, and efficiently charge your entire fleet. The largest air gap and highest misalignment tolerance in the industry make it easy for operators and autonomous vehicles to charge.

Industry-leading safety

Resonant Link’s patented chargers are the only wireless power solution with live and foreign object detection built in, for best-in-class safety. Plus, they’re built to work on and in the harshest conditions, from uneven surfaces to wide temperature ranges.

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