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Visit Resonant Link at MODEX to Save $1 Million Next Year

Resonant Link
February 1, 2024

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in material handling – where efficiency meets automation and your fleet stays charged without human intervention. If maximizing your fleet ROI is a high priority, MODEX is your chance to:

See the World’s Fastest Wireless Charger in Action at Booth #A10909

If you’re not using automated charging, you’re paying too much to keep your warehouse running. Automatically charge vehicles while they work - no manual intervention required - with the fastest and most flexible wireless charging for material handling equipment.

Schedule a meeting at MODEX to learn more. Or schedule time to talk before MODEX to get a head start.

Gain Insights to Future-Proof Your Warehouse

With the need to cut costs, solve labor challenges, and meet ever increasing customer demands, logistics leaders must adapt their power and energy management to win into the future.

To learn how, join Grayson Zulauf, CEO of Resonant Link, for his seminar: What if Your Warehouse Ran Itself? How the New Energy & Power Paradigm Enables the Self-Optimized Warehouse of the Future. The seminar is on Tuesday, March 12th at 11:30 AM in the Sustainability Theater.

You’ll learn about:

  • The highly efficient, self-operating warehouse of tomorrow
  • The new energy and power paradigm that’s making it possible
  • Tangible actions you can implement now to win in the future

Get Advice from Logistics Leaders Daily at Power Talks

Join us in Booth #A10909 at 3 PM daily to hear from material handling experts. They'll cover top trends and practical advice every logistics leader needs to know in 2024.

Explore the future of charging for material handling and engage with industry leaders at MODEX Booth #A10909. Schedule a meeting with our team to discuss your goals and have an amazing time in Atlanta!

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