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Power Talks Ep. 6: How Warehouses Can Benefit from Sustainable Energy Solutions

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May 20, 2024

In episode 6 of our Power Talks interview series, Damon Hosmer, General Manager of Energy Storage Solutions at The Raymond Corporation, talks to host Kevin Lawton of The New Warehouse about advancements in industrial energy and power that drive greater efficiency and sustainability for warehouse operators of all sizes. 

Hosmer covers top and emerging energy trends and shares more about Raymond’s energy storage solutions. He also offers tips for how warehouse operators can leverage warehouse technology, automation, and energy storage solutions to achieve their sustainability goals while also improving operational efficiency.

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75% of operating costs for warehouses and material handling fleets are energy-related, from utility and equipment costs to maintenance and real estate costs. With ongoing labor, space, equipment, and cost challenges, businesses must adapt their power and energy management to win in the future.

That’s one of the reasons why The Raymond Corporation has invested significantly in energy solutions for the logistics and warehousing industry, from lithium-ion batteries to hydrogen fuel cell technology to wireless charging. Energy efficiency is driving innovation, sustainability, and cost savings in the material handling space, and Damon Hosmer of The Raymond Corporation is one of the logistics leaders helping businesses realize the benefits of new power and energy solutions.

A Holistic View of Energy

Warehouse and fulfillment center operators frequently ask Hosmer about integration, safety, and performance of different power and energy solutions. Power and energy management creates a unique opportunity to improve different areas of the business. For example, wireless charging and lithium-ion batteries help warehouse operators eliminate battery swapping, and when energy is looked at holistically, at the facility level, businesses can do more than simply improve the processes directly related to powering industrial fleets. As Hosmer describes it, power and energy management is not just about batteries and charging, it’s about how to maximize energy efficiency across the board.

Optimize, Automate, and Connect

Raymond has created an ecosystem for warehouse operators because every function and piece of equipment has to work together. They help businesses answer questions like “Can I reduce peak demand?” and “What is the right size for my fleet?” By answering these questions, they can help their customers optimize workflows, take advantage of opportunities for efficiency they can identify using data, and realize significant cost savings through things like reduced equipment and energy costs.

The Best Place to Start

With all of the options for warehouse technology and operational efficiencies, including and beyond energy storage solutions, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Raymond starts with lean management principles. They use value mapping for the processes already in place. This entails looking at the energy intensive areas of the warehouse, the problems, and the waste streams. For example, if equipment is tagged out and not in use, it shouldn’t still be powered on. For one of their customers, it was. This is just one example and there are often a lot of problems that point to larger opportunities to optimize operations. Raymond sees energy as fitting into and contributing to a broader ecosystem of lean management and efficient operations.

Ready For More?

To hear more insights and recommendations from Hosmer, like why he believes high power wireless charging is essential, watch the full interview.

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