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What if Your Warehouse Ran Itself? The New Energy & Power Paradigm Enabling the Warehouse of the Future

Resonant Link
May 23, 2024

Energy drives 75% of the operating costs of material handling fleets, from equipment and infrastructure costs to utility and maintenance costs. With higher demands on throughput, space at a premium, rising material and equipment costs, and challenges hiring and retaining the best employees, businesses must adapt their power and energy management to win into the future. 

In this seminar, recorded live from the Sustainability Theater at MODEX, Dr. Grayson Zulauf, CEO of Resonant Link, describes the new power and energy paradigm that’s enabling the highly-efficient, self-operating warehouse of the future. Zulauf covers the shift toward fully automated, lights-out warehouses where operations are continuously and automatically optimized. He dives into our not-so-distant future where energy pricing is reflected in goods movement for maximum efficiency. And he outlines tangible steps businesses of all sizes can take now to save $1 million a year.

Key takeaways include:

  1. The major challenges driving warehouse operators to innovate
  2. The highly-efficient warehouse of the future
  3. The new energy and power paradigm enabling this future

Hit play to watch the seminar recording or contact us to learn how to sustainably, continuously, and autonomously power your industrial electric vehicles.

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