Electric Vehicles

Charging so convenient, it feels magical. Discover hassle-free technology that changes the game.

a woman in the drivers seat of a car using a touch screen

Accelerate sales and

the clean energy revolution


Unlock the true potential of wireless charging


Higher power


Lower cost


Smaller footprint

Seamless, speedy charging that

owners and operators love

So text mobile

Our 19.2 kW wireless charger delivers the maximum Level 2 power for less. It's the ultimate experience in simplicity.

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Easy-to-use power that’s good for people and the planet


Passenger EVs

Charging is now as simple as pulling into your garage. With Resonant Link, greater misalignment and air gap tolerance ensure your car is charged quickly and efficiently even when imperfectly parked - all at a vastly lower cost, making wireless charging commercially viable for all vehicles.


Get fast, safe, and reliable wireless charging and experience continuous uptime, fewer total vehicles, and 50% lower total cost of ownership.

Autonomous EVs

Resonant Link provides the only truly autonomous charging solution. Remove the need for charging staff, unreliable contracts, and expensive multi-axis robotics arms.

Technology you’ve been
waiting for

Fortune 500 companies trust our combination of waiting for unmatched technology, best-in-class modeling, and industry-leading expertise to help them transition to wireless. Our patented multi-layer self-resonant structure (MSRS) platform shatters the barriers of conventional wireless power and delivers the world's fastest, safest, and easiest-to-use chargers for all your vehicles.

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