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You’ve seen wireless charging for your smartphone — but never like this. As fast as wired chargers, and effortless to align.

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The world's fastest

wireless smartphone charger


The best wireless chargers


Faster charging


Misalignment tolerance


Same cost and size as existing chargers

Are you
ready for

a wireless future?

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With Resonant Link, the world’s fastest wireless charging is at your fingertips—at the same price as existing solutions. Now even faster than wired and undeniably more convenient, wireless charging is here to stay. Are you ready to make the switch?

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way we live


Reliable charging every time

Wow your customers with 3X faster wireless charging for the devices they depend on and 2X greater room for misalignment. They’ll have confidence in their charge, every time.

Drop-in replacement

Our coils are Qi-compatible with the same size and electrical characteristics as existing coils. It’s as easy as swapping a SIM card.

Same cost

Our technology is built on standard PCB manufacturing lines, making our chargers available at the same cost as other solutions.

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