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Resonant Link Unveils World’s Fastest and Easiest-to-Use Wireless Charging for Titanium Can Implants, Delivers the Charging Patients Want

Resonant Link
May 10, 2023

Resonant Link CEO Grayson Zulauf unveiled their newest wireless charger for medical devices at DeviceTalks Boston today, a 15-minute wireless charger for implantable medical devices including titanium-can implants. With Resonant Link’s fast and reliable wireless charging for titanium-can-based implants, patients can recharge for just a few minutes while continuing to live their lives – rather than having to sit as still as statues while charging. 

Resonant Link’s latest charger delivers 3x faster wireless charging at 2.5 W in a header-integrated receive coil, giving patients a 15-minute charge time and the freedom to move around while they charge, saving them hours of frustration every week.

“Our wireless charging platform for titanium-can-based implants is a direct result of listening to patients,” says Grayson Zulauf, Resonant Link’s CEO. “Current wireless chargers are slow to recharge implants and incredibly difficult to align, making recharging the single most common patient complaint for many active implantable devices, like spinal cord stimulators. Our wireless charging for titanium cans changes all of that.”

“Anything that improves the patient's day to day experience is worth investing in,” adds Aaron Stein, Resonant Link’s CTO. “Customers who’ve had a sneak peek at our ti-can platform have been blown away by its speed and spatial freedom, giving patients freedom to live their lives with these critical treatments.”

As the medical device industry’s Partner in Power, Resonant Link delivers charging that’s so quick, efficient, and safe that it feels like magic – for titanium cans and beyond. Resonant Link offers several off-the-shelf charging platforms and customization is also available on request. You can learn more about their 2.5 W wireless charging platform, compatible with titanium-can-encased IPGs, here.

Contact us for more information or to order a Demonstrator System.

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