Gregg Bruce and Grayson Zulauf Talk Medical Device Power & Energy

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March 20, 2024

Did you know that the worst thing you can do for a battery’s longevity is to store it at high temperature? Or that depending on the bioelectronic device, investing in improved electronics to reduce energy use with an off-the-shelf battery is often more effective than designing a custom battery for your medical device? 

It’s true and those are just a few of the nuggets Gregg Bruce and Grayson Zulauf shared earlier this week. They also answered lots of audience questions and discussed:

- Why lithium is ideal for implantable grade batteries

- When to buy an off-the-shelf battery vs. design a custom battery

- How to get 20-minute wireless charging for implantable medical devices

- How to get new and improved devices to market faster

Watch a replay of their webinar to learn about advancements in power and energy for active implantable medical devices. Contact us with any questions or to order a wireless charging system for your medical device R&D.

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