Video Seminar: Powering the Next Generation of Implantable Medical Devices

Resonant Link
November 28, 2023

This Fall, Resonant Link CEO Dr. Grayson Zulauf was invited to speak at the Northern New England MedTech Conference, hosted by the MedTech Collaborative. During his talk, Dr. Zulauf broke down the challenges and opportunities with power and energy for implantable medical devices, and how our medical device design decisions affect the patients who need them.

Watch the Video: The Future of Power and Energy for Implantable Medical Devices


Challenges with Traditional Power Sources:  Dr. Zulauf explores the challenges associated with traditional power sources for implantable medical devices. From the limitations of bulky battery packs to concerns about infection rates, the need for a more efficient and patient-friendly solution becomes apparent.

Wireless Charging Revolution:  Dr. Zulauf shares his experience starting Resonant Link and the role of wireless charging for implantable medical devices in overcoming the challenges posed by traditional power sources. Dr. Zulauf delves into the intricacies of how Resonant Link’s wireless charging enables smaller and more versatile implantable devices that can be charged quickly and easily, and be used by more patients.


The Importance of Speed, Safety, and Ease of Use:  The future of power and energy for implantable medical devices hinges on the triad of flexibility, efficiency, and safety, in other words, charging that’s fast, safe, and reliable for every patient so devices easily stay powered and patients get the full benefits of their intended treatments. The video underscores the importance of technology that makes patients want implantable devices, such as charging that’s fast and works as they move around, and shows how charging can fit into patients’ lives, as opposed to forcing patients to change how they live.

Implications for Patient Care:  Perhaps most importantly, the video explores the direct implications of fast, safe, and reliable wireless charging on patient care. From reducing the need for battery replacement surgeries to enhancing the lifespan and functionality of implantable devices, the future that wireless charging enables is one where all patients get access to the care they deserve and patients experience a higher quality of life.


The future of power and energy for implantable medical devices is not just a technological upgrade; it's a paradigm shift enabling better patient outcomes, increased accessibility, and enhanced quality of life. So, don't miss out on the chance to provide better power for patients. Watch the video and contact us to discuss what’s possible for your device.

Resonant Link
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