Top 3 Takeaways: 2023 Energy Conversion Conference

Resonant Link
November 3, 2023

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion on the future of wireless power. The panel was part of IEEE-ECCE 2023, a five-day immersion into the latest innovations in the field of electrical and electromechanical energy conversion. The atmosphere was collaborative and optimistic about the potential of wireless power transfer to solve power and energy challenges, like eliminating unreliable charging for electric vehicles and growing micromobility adoption to address climate change. Below are a few of my highlights from the event. 

Whether you attended and thought of more questions, or missed it and want to chat, reach out and let’s talk about what fast, reliable wireless power can do for you.

Top 3 Takeaways from ECCE

  1. Panelists spoke universally about the challenge of reducing the set of applications that wireless charging COULD support to focus on the most valuable applications where there is a burning need for wireless charging. Resonant Link's unprecedented combination of spatial freedom (i.e. the total charge range), power, and size/cost has helped us find that answer in implantable medical devices and fleets of electric vehicles.
  2. Panelists discussed frequency as a key performance driver; however, I disagreed with one of the conclusions. Increasing frequency is a viable method for reducing winding loss, but creates an additional constraint in the system design. Resonant Link's MSRS, the cornerstone of our wireless charging systems, breaks the AC paradox mitigating winding loss, and allowing us to choose frequency based on the application instead of winding loss constraints. Put simply, we distribute energy evenly to mitigate losses. This is a key driver that enables us to offer 20-minute charging of implantable medical devices, even when they're encased in titanium, where limiting heating is critical.
  3. Panelists universally agreed that more wireless charging is good for everyone and I agree 100%. Fast, convenient charging of electric vehicles will increase EV adoption helping to mitigate climate change. Fast, flexible charging of implantable medical devices helps patients live a higher quality, untethered life. Count me in as a big fan of the work at eLeapPower, WiTricity, and Bumblebee Power.
  4. If you’re curious how our charging works, request a video demo of our implantable medical device charging or a video demo of our wireless charging for material handling equipment. Or reach out with questions.
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