Resonant Link and Medical Alley Discuss Wireless Power for Implantable Medical Devices

Resonant Link
October 24, 2023

In this webinar, Resonant Link's CEO Grayson Zulauf and Medical Alley's Tyler Mason discuss the power and energy landscape for active implantable medical devices: the challenges, the opportunities, and, most importantly, how our power and energy constraints, technologies, and choices affect the patients that live with these devices.

At their core, active implantable medical devices are fundamentally energy transfer devices. The goal of active implantable medical devices is to transfer energy stored in a battery, inside or outside of the body, to a treatment or measurement site inside the body, in a way that will stimulate an action, block existing electrical signals, or measure important health data. Because they rely on energy, medical devices have to be designed to get the power and energy they need, and these decisions have been limited in the past.

That's not the case today, as you'll learn in this webinar. Advancements in wireless power and recharging for the next generation of implantable medical devices have made it possible to make medical devices, and deliver their corresponding therapies, in novel ways, to treat the body and reach areas of the body not possible previously, with smaller, speedier, smarter, and safer devices. Now, it's possible for medical device companies to give patients convenient, non-invasive recharging so they can live their lives while charging, not plan their lives around charging.

Watch the webinar to learn how medical device designers, and the patients who rely on their devices, benefit from this new power and energy paradigm: where recharging can happen as patients move around, in as quickly as 20 minutes. Or contact us to discuss your medical device's power and energy needs.

Resonant Link
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