Power Talks Ep. 2: Getting to Lights Out: The Stages of Warehouse Automation

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April 22, 2024

In Episode 2 of our Power Talks interview series, Jonathan Briggs, Vice President, Sales & Solutions at Nimble Autonomous Fulfillment talks to host Kevin Lawton of The New Warehouse about top trends in warehouse automation.

Briggs covers innovative robotics and automation technologies that are enabling lights out warehousing and his predictions about how the highest performing warehouses and distribution centers will operate in the near future.

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Lights out warehouses feature fully automated processes that can operate without human labor. Supply chain leaders are adopting automation and robotics to maximize throughput while minimizing labor challenges and safety risks. So how close is lights out, fully automated fulfillment to becoming a must-have and not just a nice-to-have?

The Warehouse of the Future is Here

While not everyone has embraced automation, Jonathan is confident that in five years, lights out warehouses will be here to stay. Because warehouse operators continue to struggle with employee issues like hiring, retention, low performance, and safety, automation is a desirable approach to ensure predictable operations and meet customer demands regardless of what the labor market looks like.

Top Automation Trends to Adopt Now

For warehouse operators just starting to look at workflows to automate, Briggs suggests identifying and prioritizing those processes that will drive significant value for the business when improved, such as storage and retrieval, packaging, and even last mile delivery. Companies looking to expand their use of automation can also benefit from this approach.

Want to Learn More?

To hear more insights and recommendations from Briggs, watch the full interview.

Check out our whitepaper, Big Little Things: How Warehouses of All Sizes Can Automate Operations, to learn about common challenges warehouse operators face and how to overcome them with automation. 

And if you missed Power Talks Episode 1, watch the replay to learn about creating a competitive advantage through automation with Jake Walker from DHL Supply Chain.

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