Partner Spotlight: How Paradromics is Leading the Brain Computer Interface Field

Resonant Link
March 6, 2023

Paradromics is leading the field to bring a high data-rate brain computer interface to market. Their Connexus Direct Data Interface is designed to enable severely speech-motor impaired patients to communicate by decoding their imagined cursor movements, handwriting, or speech.

"Partnering with Resonant Link solved the problem of providing continuous power to our system and let us focus on our core technologies: the collection and interpretation of brain signals,” said Kurtis Nishimura, VP of Engineering at Paradromics. “Our experiments show that we can maintain sufficient power through thick tissue layers, even with significant misalignment...all without batteries or significant heat generation. This is crucial for our system, which is intended for all day, every day use.”


Learn more about how Paradromics is advancing their field here.

Resonant Link
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