Opto Biosystems and Resonant Link Share Lessons Learned from Developing New Medical Devices with Medical Alley

Resonant Link
February 14, 2024

In this webinar, Dr. Elise Jenkins from Opto Biosystems and Dr. Grayson Zulauf of Resonant Link discuss what they’ve learned from starting their own businesses and how they’ve partnered to advance implantable neurotechnology. They share actionable insights on what it takes to develop a new medical device, the importance of partnerships in advancing technology, and how groundbreaking developments in neurotechnology and implantable medical device power are changing how we might treat neurological diseases. And they answer lots of questions from the audience.

“We exist out of frustration,” Jenkins says, when reflecting on her motivation to start Opto Biosystems.

“Glioblastoma is a really horrific form of brain cancer that has a really bad prognosis. When I learned about this during my PhD, I was really dissatisfied with the status quo, and I thought…perhaps glioblastoma are actually electrically active and maybe we can harness the electrical activity to help us understand how they evolve and maybe even try and treat them.”

“Resonant Link really exists to enable new devices like Elise and the team are building”, Zulauf adds later. With Resonant Link, patients can go from needing “an invasive surgery to replace a battery to something as easy as an external hub that recharges an implanted device in 20 minutes from outside the body.” Continuous wireless power for tiny and passive implants without batteries is also possible with Resonant Link’s wireless power systems, like Opto Biosystems’ neural implant that’s designed for real-time monitoring and treatment.


And neither company could achieve what they set out to achieve without partnerships.

“It was a very obvious transition to go forward with them, not just for their offering, but for the general energy of the team and expertise of the team”, says Jenkins when asked why they decided to partner with Resonant Link on their wireless power system design, adding “Plus they educated us so much and that’s been amazing.”

Watch the webinar to learn more about the groundbreaking medical technology advancements making devices like Opto Biosystems’ possible. You can also contact us directly to learn what’s possible for your bioelectronic device.

Resonant Link
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