Automotive Manufacturer Keeps Production Running 24/7 with Automated Charging

Resonant Link
May 2, 2024

As an automotive parts manufacturer, production line uptime was the company's number one key performance indicator. They were already leveraging a fleet of 22 autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) to ensure the production line would have what it needed at all times.

When the manufacturer approached Resonant Link, they were struggling to keep the AGVs charged. The AGVs couldn’t be fully charged during the one break and short shift change available for charging. And because of their high workload, employees often forgot to plug them in. The company needed an automated solution to charge the vehicles while they moved supplies back and forth to the production line.

Read the full case study to learn how this manufacturer achieved 24/7 uptime while reducing capital expenditures with automated wireless charging.

Resonant Link
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