Lura Health and Resonant Link Partner to Redefine Preventative Care

Resonant Link
July 25, 2023

Lura Health is on a mission to improve preventive healthcare with the world’s first salivary diagnostic, wearable sensor. Saliva is an incredible diagnostic tool, used to test for over 1,000 health conditions. But, analyzing saliva today relies on one-time sampling and lab analysis that takes days to return results.

Using tiny sensors in dental retainers, bands, or brackets, Lura Health’s oral implant device streams critical health data anytime, anywhere to prevent emergencies, manage chronic conditions, and keep people healthy by identifying potential issues right away.

Core to Lura Health’s ability to continuously and non-invasively monitor saliva is their partnership with Resonant Link, the leading wireless charging company for healthcare, whose wireless power system provides 5x faster charging than existing technologies, all while maintaining an ultra-low-profile for the miniature device.

Because Lura Health’s wireless oral sensor can be integrated into most - if not all - dental products, they worked with Resonant Link to develop two different wireless charging systems. For removable wearable devices like retainers, the sensor will recharge in its carrying case. Sensors permanently embedded in dental work like crowns, on the other hand, are charged when the patient wears a retainer-like wireless charger for a few minutes each week.

When asked about the significance of Resonant Link’s wireless power capabilities, Daniel Weinstein, CEO of Lura Health, said: “We were able to achieve an extremely tight coupled charging, which also is great because it doesn’t generate heat. It meets our FDA requirements, all extremely localized in the mouth.”

Plans for this breakthrough in preventative healthcare include:

  • Submitting for FDA de novo classification in late 2024
  • Filing for expanded indications after winning regulatory approval, including measuring glucose for diabetes, as well as electrolytes and metabolic panel elements for kidney and heart disease

For more information about Lura Health’s sensors for salivary diagnostics, check out this article from Medical Design & Outsourcing.

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Resonant Link
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