How Wireless Charging Makes Warehouses More Efficient

Resonant Link
January 31, 2023

Resonant Link was launched in 2017 around a revolutionary way to send wireless power that was 5x faster than anything else available then — or since. Since Day 1, our mission was to power fleets while they work and speed fleet adoption of electric vehicles by charging vehicles during their working time.

Our CEO Grayson Zulauf recently sat down with Roberto Michel, Senior Editor at Modern Materials Handling, to discuss what powering fleets while they work entails, and how fleet managers, maintenance teams, and vehicle operators can realize the benefits of wireless charging today while working toward a future where a vehicle never has to stop just to be charged.

Watch the webinar here or continue reading for the highlights.

Today, our facilities and goods movement are based on power and energy, but we haven’t optimized our batteries, chargers, and fleets. A modern warehouse or distribution center has more vehicles on-site than are working at any one time and huge batteries on every vehicle. We’re losing space to extra charging fields, extra vehicles, and battery rooms. And wired chargers are causing operator fatigue, injuries, and turnover. The current energy paradigm is costing us time, money, and safety.

With a wirelessly charged fleet, chargers are placed throughout the warehouse at stops that already exist, like loading docks, the ends of aisles, and outside of break rooms. Wireless chargers have no moving parts, no limitations on contact life, and no need for operators to constantly plug and unplug. And wireless charging, when combined with modern battery technologies, can unchain our supply chain and boost profitability. 

The new energy and power paradigm powers fleets while they work. But before we charge vehicles at planned stops, we can still see the benefits of a one-for-one replacement of wired chargers for wireless. Reclaiming warehouse space, reducing fleet size, eliminating charger maintenance, and creating a better operator experience are immediate benefits of wireless charging. And with the continued integration of wireless charging throughout the facility, we can approach 24/7 uptime for every vehicle with smaller batteries on each one – completely eliminating the concept of charging downtime.

This new paradigm of power and energy – powering fleets while they work – transforms operational profitability, even at the earliest stages of adoption, instead of making charging a wasted downtime. And we’re building this more productive future with wireless charging. Contact us to learn more today.

Resonant Link
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