How Lura Health Developed a Miniaturized Diagnostic Device to Transform Preventative Care

Resonant Link
October 10, 2023


This case study explores how Lura Health, in collaboration with Resonant Link and Ilika, harnessed cutting-edge medical device technology to develop a groundbreaking wearable health sensor for salivary diagnostics. Lura Health’s device showcases two significant healthcare technology innovations: real-time monitoring and remote diagnostics, and medical device miniaturization. These innovations leverage Resonant Link's wireless charging technology and implantable medical device battery maker Ilika's Stereax M300 battery to optimize power and energy storage in an ultra-low profile design. 

An Opportunity for Better Care

Traditional diagnostic procedures often involve invasive blood tests, causing discomfort and inconvenience for patients. In addition, it can take days or weeks for care providers to receive critical information via test results. To address this challenge, Lura Health embarked on a mission to develop a noninvasive, pain-free way to access essential health information anytime, anywhere. Within months, their wearable health sensor for salivary diagnostics was born.

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