Grayson Zulauf Shares His Start-Up Playbook on the Med Tech Gurus Podcast

Resonant Link
July 19, 2023

Grayson Zulauf, Co-Founder and CEO of Resonant Link, recently joined Tom Hickey, the medical device industry veteran, consultant, and podcast host of the Med Tech Gurus podcast, to share his founder story.

The Start-Up Playbook episode explores how Resonant Link grew from an award-winning concept to the industry leader in wireless power for medical devices.

Throughout the conversation, Zulauf and Hickey discuss:

  • Where to focus as a start-up
  • The foundations of successful partnerships
  • Understanding and communicating your value
  • Identifying revenue opportunities

Listen to The Start-Up Playbook episode of Med Tech Gurus wherever you get your podcasts. Or continue reading for a sneak peek at some of the insights shared.

Where to Focus as a Start-Up

Zulauf knows that clear priorities depend on a clear mission. It’s about what you do, for whom, and how, and as a startup, you can’t do everything. That’s why initiatives at Resonant Link are always prioritized based on what will most advance our mission to improve health for all. 

Because Resonant Link uses fast, safe, and reliable wireless power to help people, businesses, and the planet thrive, the solutions we focus on need to meet multiple criteria of helping patients, while also being cost-effective for medical device makers.

The Foundations of Successful Partnerships

Forming a wide breadth of strong partnerships with suppliers and customers is critical to any company’s success, regardless of stage. In addition to the broad range of medical device manufacturers that trust Resonant Link, suppliers like battery makers and contract manufacturers also see us as the go-to wireless power company.

Zulauf credits these successful partnerships with two of Resonant Link’s core values:

  • Deliver on every promise: Trust is critical to long-term partnerships. That’s why Resonant Link promises what we can deliver and follows through every time.
  • Together is better: Resonant Link only succeeds when our customers succeed. As an example, we provide medical device makers with a thorough understanding of the best wireless power architecture for them through a 5-week collaborative process and we offer this at cost. This allows OEMs to get the outputs they need and accelerate their medical device R&D for a fraction of the cost of dedicating internal resources.

Understanding and Communicating Your Value

One of the biggest challenges start-ups face, and a question Zulauf often gets from other entrepreneurs, is how to know the right product(s) to make. In other words: how do you find that all-important product-market fit where customers want and buy your product and you are also capable of delivering it?

Zulauf says it’s about listening first and then being clear with the value your product adds. For example, Resonant Link knows that patients and the care providers that serve them need wireless power for medical devices that:

  • Eliminates the need for risky and invasive battery replacement surgeries.
  • Empowers the patient to recharge their device quickly and with minimal disruption to their day-to-day life, so they can actually use it.
  • Simplifies the recharging experience for patients through higher misalignment tolerance that allows them to move around while charging.
  • Delivers the safest and most reliable charging solution for all patients, regardless of BMI and other factors that commonly limit rechargeable device success.

For more insights from Grayson Zulauf and Tom Hickey, listen to the full Med Tech Gurus podcast episode The Start-Up Playbook wherever you get your podcasts.

Resonant Link
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