Aaron Stein and Bob Trebilcock of Modern Materials Handling Discuss Wireless Charging for Lift Trucks and Industrial EVs

Resonant Link
November 29, 2022

As a kid, Resonant Link CTO Aaron Stein was obsessed with discovering how things work. He built go-karts, jet engines, and stereos. His thirst for knowledge led him to join Professor Charles Sullivan's lab at Dartmouth College, where he would meet his Resonant Link co-founders and solve the hardest challenge he had encountered --- how to quickly and conveniently recharge our world.

In a recent Modern Materials Handling podcast, Aaron recounts his journey to creating 5x faster and highly-efficient wireless power for applications big to small, and the breakthrough technology behind it. He also unveils Resonant Link's newest charger, to be released next year in the material handling market.

Listen to Bob Trebilcock's interview of Aaron or contact us to learn more about our wireless Lift Truck charger for the materials handling industry.

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