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Advance health and hard work with the world's fastest and smallest wireless chargers. Get 5x higher performance, customizable designs, and proven dependability in the harshest environments.



Eliminate unnecessary surgeries, enable new therapies, and elevate existing treatments with the world's smallest, fastest, easiest to align, FDA-compliant wireless chargers.

Industrial & Material Handling

Your fleet works hard. Now let it work smarter with fast, safe, and reliable wireless charging. No battery swapping or plugging in, 24/7 uptime, and happy operators mean lower operating costs and a bigger bottom line.


Drive your vehicle — and the clean energy revolution. Our 3x lower cost wireless chargers provide fast, efficient, and easy-to-use power that’s good for people and the planet.

Consumer Electronics

Say hello to the world's fastest and most reliable wireless charger. Enjoy the convenience of Qi-compatible wireless charging with 2x higher performance, drop-in replacement, and no frustrating misalignment issues for confidence in your charge, every time.


Our Partners and Investors

Meet the innovators and leaders who are changing the world with Resonant Link.

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Leaders in clean energy and power

Wireless charging isn’t new. A team that delivers on the promise of wireless power is. Our technology spans innovations in every wireless power domain, and is unmatched in speed, weight, size, and cost savings. Proprietary E&M modeling and analysis tools and an experienced team of world-class engineers and PhD scientists ensures you understand every possibility and get the best solution for you.


“Resonant Link evaluated alternatives of safe wireless power and framed the model within our use case. Their recommended solution exceeded our expectations and validated Resonant Link’s extraordinary expertise.”

Brad Rabinovitz
COO, Longeviti

"The fact that your charging works with manual and automated trucks is a real long term benefit and something that can help with overall total cost of ownership and ROI of future investments."

Kevin Lawton
Founder, The New Warehouse

“Partnering with Resonant Link solved the problem of providing continuous power to our system and let us focus on our core technologies: the collection and interpretation of brain signals. Our experiments show that we can maintain sufficient power through thick tissue layers, even with significant misalignment...all without batteries or significant heat generation. This is crucial for our system, which is intended for all day, every day use.”

Kurtis Nishimura
VP of Engineering, Paradromics

"Resonant Link's wireless power expertise combines the fastest recharging with manufacturing simplicity. This is key for any medical device company that is evaluating wireless power. We were impressed by their knowledge and capabilities, especially in combining fast and safe wireless charging within tight tolerance ranges."

Sunny Webb
Chief Technology Officer, Veris Health, and VP Data & Analytics, PAVmed Inc.

“The ability to achieve faster, more efficient charging with Resonant Link’s technology represents a critical evolution in the development of the next-generation of electronic medical implantable devices.”

Dr. Kevin Kwaku
Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology, Dartmouth College

“It’s rare that I get the feeling of genuine friendship…[you’ve] truly been a pleasure to work with. We’re super happy with the development with RL and [ready] to get these into patients in the next clinical trial.”

Daniel Weinstein
CEO, Lura Health

“Resonant Link’s boost to wireless charging efficiency is going to be a game-changer for our patients with heart failure.”

Dr. Aditya Bansal
Surgical Director

“Resonant Link is bringing mobility to the most essential, and most challenging, devices. I believe they have the ability to positively impact and improve future medical devices and transportation infrastructure.”

Orin Hoffman
Managing Director, VXI Capital

“Portless phones would be our biggest marketing push in years, but we need 2x faster wireless charging … your coils deliver that.”

Fortune 10 Electronics Company

“After 35 years, I’m more impressed with [Resonant Link] than any other partner.”

Fortune 100 Company

“Resonant Link’s focus on medical and transportation applications shows how vast the potential reach is for their technology.”

Orin Hoffman
Managing Director, VXI Capital
Our Mission

Transform the charging experience

Learn more about how we're using fast, safe, and reliable wireless power to help people, businesses, and the planet thrive.

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Pioneering the future of electrification together


Bound only by physics

We take an open, collaborative approach to every problem and push the limits of what’s possible, while never promising the impossible.

Deliver on every promise

We only commit to what we can deliver—and we follow through every time. Just ask our customers, partners, and teammates.

Together is better

We work together transparently and with integrity, even when it requires tough conversations. Mutual respect and growth are core to our success.